Why Should you care about onboarding?

A successful onboarding is important both for the new employee and the employer and can drastically improve the speed of which a person becomes a high performer in your organization.

89% are more likely to stay

with a company three year or more if they experienced a good and structured onboarding process.
Together with the time and other resources required to onboard a new employee underlines the importance of getting this right in any company.

Benefits of a structured onboarding process

Having a structured and easy to access onboarding process is essential in any organizations big or small in today’s business environment.

Now you’re able to once and for all abandon the outdated paper manuals and checklists with new and engaging content on a digital platform which leads to many benefits such as:

  • Increased productivity
  • Create, distribute and maintain content with ease
  • Gain insights with reports
  • Save time with automation

How to Create a Structured Onboarding Process

There are many ways to onboard a new employee but here are some of the keys we’ve found that works in real life:

Structure the onboarding process

Automate the journey

Assign relevant training

Create engaging content

Measure and evaluate progress

Get the help you need,
every step of the way