Benefits of going from offline to online learning

Protect sensitive business data from leakage

Prevent potential safety, privacy, or legal issues

Enable faster digital transformation

Comply with data protection regulations

Training and documentation right at your fingertips

Public sector learning and enterprise training isn’t the same.

Startups and SMEs often only need a single, centralized learning platform. Larger organizations - government agencies in particular - usually require a more structured approach.

As a government entity, your training solution must meet specific certifications, compliance regulations, and unique security measures.

Our vast experience with providing learning and development solutions to government agencies including federal, local, and law-enforcing entities has helped us develop a secure and flexible training platform for government use.

To cater to your needs our platform is highly customizable. It includes up-to-date features and integrates readily with existing tools and systems. It’s easy to implement and of course comply with all security standards.

Our digital learning platform, lets you scale and span the learning topics your employees need.

How our learning platform improves efficiency

Make your learning and development process more efficient by shifting from instructor-led training to online learning. Discover how our learning platform can help you.
  • On-demand training

    Make training available to your employees at all times, from any device and location - perfect for fast-paced and unpredictable work hours.
  • Automated data collection

    Access, review, and store usage logs and learning reports automatically to evaluate learner progress or for auditing and security purposes.
  • Simple content creation

    Get rid of all third-party content builders and add or edit course content directly in the integrated, drag-and-drop content builder.
  • Multi-tenancy platform

    Offer training and development to siloed teams, or third party entities with distinct needs and requirements for a more structured approach.
  • Personalized skill building

    Present learners only with resources, activities, and tasks that align with their ability level, job description, and access requirements.
  • Low-cost learning

    Switch from in-person training sessions to online learning and save on travel, venue, and instructor expenses.

Bring learning in the flow of work with Microsoft Teams

Make your learning easily accessible with one of our two different Microsoft Teams Integrations.

“Being able to offer our expertise in a digital format means a lot to us. We can now reach far more course participants than before and train more skilled sailors.”

Morten Jensen

IT employee
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“I think that having access to knowledge all the time initiates commitment – something that would probably disappear if you only attend physical courses every second or third year.”

Ólöf Ólafsdotïr

Nurse Anesthetist and General Manager
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“Cursum’s platform is the basis for much of our business. The strong functionalities and forward-leaning approach have proven very successful and have facilitated strong collaborations with large, international companies.”

Karl Fredrik Agnalt

Managing Director
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“Together with Cursum, we’ve built an easy to use and simple platform that includes courses which we can easily deliver and maintain to our customers and partners.”

Lasse Skjelmose

Product Manager
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Lasse SkjelmoseLasse Skjelmose
06:33 26 May 21
I’ve had the pleasure of working together with Cursum and their dedicated team for the several years. During this time, we’ve created a learning universe called IntraActive Learning for evergreen Microsoft-courses which have complemented and strengthened our core business. I’d describe the Cursum team as experts within their field, professional, and straightforward. I look forward to further developing our business with them.
Troels PedersenTroels Pedersen
07:37 21 May 21
In our collaboration, Cursum has developed a learning platform for use in my company.Very flexible and service-minded partner. When it comes to professional input and choosing the right solutions, my experience is also top notch.Herewith my warmest recommendations of Cursum.
Søren HaldSøren Hald
07:05 29 Apr 21
In our company, we have long been looking for a supplier who could help us achieve our E-learning ambitions. Cursum A / S has met all our expectations with great professional insight and a great degree of patience. All deadlines have been met and everything was delivered as agreed and on time. Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to more of it.Søren HaldAdm. Dir.REDMINKROP ApS
Karl Fredrik AgnaltKarl Fredrik Agnalt
15:25 12 Mar 21
Cursum is an incredibly skilled and service-minded supplier with a very modern, solid and user-friendly system. Can highly recommend them.
Rune Thomas ØdegårdRune Thomas Ødegård
13:47 04 Mar 21