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With an Online Academy, Fellowmind Denmark has Created a Recurring Revenue Stream

Fellowmind Denmark helps accelerate the digital readiness of their customers by using Microsoft cloud solutions, encouraging agile development, implementing integrated platforms, and helping end-users learn and adopt. They’re a certified Microsoft Gold Partner in more than 17 different areas of competence and has been a Microsoft Inner Circle member since 2013; an honor reserved for the top 1 % of Microsoft Business Applications partners worldwide.   

Together with Cursum, Fellowmind Denmark has built an online academy, which has allowed them to scale their business notably.  


Fellowmind Denmark drives transformation, adoption, and performance for a number of large public and privately held organizations such as Danish Crown, Vestas, Grundfos, and Porsche. They advise their customers and partners on the use of technologies and implement solutions within the five solution areas that are modern workplace, operations optimization, data and AI, customer engagement, as well as cloud and security infrastructure. In short, Fellowmind Denmark helps corporations make it easy and advantageous to use modern technology.  

However, with a total of 152 customer portals, 22,872 active users, and 20 Microsoft courses, Fellowmind Denmark’s administrative process had become too heavy.   

Lasse Skjelmose, Product Manager at Fellowmind Denmark, knew that in order to be able to continuously deliver flawless solutions to their customers, the company needed help. Yet they weren’t in the market for new hires. What the team needed was a more structured work approach, and a digital solution to make it easy to handle, administer, and update courses. They sought a powerful platform that could systemize their work and provide sustenance for their evolving learning and development resources.  


Working with technologies that are continuously evolving requires a platform that can keep up with these changes and allows for seamless dissemination of the vast amount of knowledge topics and roles this entails. Skjelmose explains:  

For many organizations, using cloud technologies such as MS365 comes with an evident need to understand its functions and how to use them. There’s a constant need for acquiring competencies, and we needed an efficient way to deliver them.

Skjelmose continues:  

We needed a digital solution, that could put some of the things we already did in system. It’s nice that we as consultants have training material available and updated, and which we can distribute to the companies we work with. That is hard for us to do repeatedly and with a high quality unless we have a fixed system. 

With the ambition of delivering learning content on a larger scale, Cursum and Fellowmind Denmark together developed a top-of-the-line learning platform built on our academy solution. The expansive learning platform – that came to be known as IntraActive Learning – is created within the MS365 suite and is based on a seamless integration with Microsoft Teams.  

IntraActive Learning was built as a white label course catalogue, which Fellowmind Denmark’s customers and partners can customize to match their corporate identities. An important element in the design process was for the online academy to enable increased productivity and work satisfaction of employees through flexible and efficient communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. In order to accommodate this objective, every customer and partner gets assigned their own personal IntraActive domain allowing for proper disclosure of employee statistics.  


The development of IntraActive Learning has allowed Fellowmind Denmark to scale their business through product sales. In just a short amount of time, the company went from zero to 50+ enterprise customers and simultaneously increased their monthly revenue. Being able to offer a product as opposed to a service has not only prolonged Fellowmind Denmark’s collaboration with customers. It has also improved their customer-supplier relationship. Skjelmose reflects: 

Contrary to some of our customers, we have the capacity and resources to stay up to date with the newest software developments, and we know how to use them. We keep the learning universe updated, and all our customers have to do is pass on the courses to their employees when needed.

Skjelmose continues:  

Our IT strategy has always been centered around MS365. As such, we’ve always delivered courses through Microsoft Word. And we still do. But in the end, it all comes down to working smarter not harder. Today we can set up a course in Word and tomorrow at 10 am we can have 100,000 participants doing the assigned tasks. 

One reason Fellowmind Denmark’s online academy has become such a great success is their prioritization of accessibility for which Cursum’s platform turned out to be the perfect pairing.  

Previously, corporate learning had a fixed location, fixed format, and fixed time. Today, course participants have access to customized training based on their role and knowledge requirements wherever they are, at whatever platform and time they find convenient. The introduction of IntraActive Learning has allowed Fellowmind Denmark to not only drive greater efficiencies. Their customers and partners also benefit from fewer, unnecessary transaction costs. Skjelmose comments:  

Previously we would come to our customers, and the course participants had to come to the assigned location. There’d always be WIFI problems, and the participants would be annoyed with their three-hour-long commute. Now we just send them a link.

Fellowmind Denmark has maximized Cursum’s platform to create a scalable learning universe that allows their customers to take modern-day learning into their own hands. A customizable platform allows for far more control of learning needs and improved possibilities of targeting learning materials much more effectively, track progress, and keep statistics.


Fellowmind Denmark is one of the 12 Leading European Microsoft partners housed under the international Fellowmind brand, which has been awarded with the Microsoft Partner of the Year multiple times.   

The company has a long history of helping private companies and public organizations with their digital transformation in order to become more competitive and productive using the latest technologies from Microsoft. 

As of today, Fellowmind employs 1,800 employees across more than 35 offices in six European countries.  

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