Reasons to adopt a digital learning platform

Create a recurring revenue flow

Minimize cost of sales

Avoid increasing your headcount

Reduce customer onboarding costs

Add off-the-shelf e-learning, import your existing learning materials, or create new online courses using our responsive course builder. With our digital platform you can ditch all third-party content creation tools.

Our platform supports text, audio, video, quiz, and many other content types. And our drag-and-drop feature lets you easily customize and organize your course content.

Start by adding you logo and brand colors.

Then choose from a number of course templates, catalog designs, and pick either a light or dark theme to showcase your digital learning.

We make custom branding painless so your academy can reflect your brand’s look and feel. No coding required on your end.

Give signed-up course participants unlimited access to your digital learning no matter where they are, what time it is, or what device they’re using.

Use our academy as a stand-alone digital product or make use of one of our two different Microsoft Teams integrations for distributing your learning materials.

Our platform is also perfect to use for blended learning situations.

Our digital platform automatically collects data on all your signed-up course participants.

All data points are stored in the intuitive dashboard for you to access and view or download at any time.

Monitor and track user progress and development, log sign-ons, number of attempts, and see what your most popular online course is.

Establish your expertise and expand your success

Whether you’re ready to go 100% digital or just want an online product to complement your offline business, our digital learning platform is the perfect choice.

Virtual learning and online courses are not only better for your customers but also for your business.

With our digital learning platform you can either import existing learning content or build new online courses directly in the built-in, drag and drop editor.

Create online courses directly in the built-in, drag and drop editor or import existing e-learning content for a seamless transition.

A few clicks of a button gets your e-learning courses to your customers and all e-learning remain available 24/7. Your customers will never have to wait for an available face-to-face learning session with you ever again.

Create an easy accessible and repeatable product, which will not only help you standardize and automate your processes but also scale your expertise business.

Service productization can moreover help improve your brand awareness and optimize your marketing initiatives.

So, productize your service and take your expert business success to new heights today.

How our learning platform helps you excel as an industry expert

Productize your service by taking your expertise online and maximize customer value. Discover how our digital learning platform helps you excel as an industry expert.
  • Achieve a repeatable process

    Productized services require little hands-on work for each new customer as they’re standardized and can easily be duplicated.
  • Increase competitiveness

    Standardization and automation leads to higher product quality and can help increase customer satisfaction for better competitiveness.
  • Eliminate scope creep

    Standardized products save you time and money, preserves your profit per customer, and in the long run often has a faster turnaround time.
  • Improve brand integrity

    Our white label platform can be customized with your logo and colors to make your online learning platform a direct extension of your brand.
  • Make customers return

    With easy updating and improvements you can keep customers engaged and within your circle of influence as to help keep customer churn low.
  • Optimize marketing activities

    By productizing your service you make it easier for yourself to convey and for your customers to understand exactly what value you bring.
  • Grow without expenses increasing

    Serving more customers without hiring more employees or otherwise increasing cost of sales is possible with repeatable, pre-packaged offers.
  • Collect valuable data

    With automatically collected data, stored in the intuitive dashboard, you can maintain and develop your business based on solid insights.

Bring learning in the flow of work with Microsoft Teams

Make your learning easily accessible with one of our two different Microsoft Teams Integrations.

“Being able to offer our expertise in a digital format means a lot to us. We can now reach far more course participants than before and train more skilled sailors.”

Morten Jensen

IT employee
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“I think that having access to knowledge all the time initiates commitment – something that would probably disappear if you only attend physical courses every second or third year.”

Ólöf Ólafsdotïr

Nurse Anesthetist and General Manager
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“Cursum’s platform is the basis for much of our business. The strong functionalities and forward-leaning approach have proven very successful and have facilitated strong collaborations with large, international companies.”

Karl Fredrik Agnalt

Managing Director
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“Together with Cursum, we’ve built an easy to use and simple platform that includes courses which we can easily deliver and maintain to our customers and partners.”

Lasse Skjelmose

Product Manager
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Lasse SkjelmoseLasse Skjelmose
06:33 26 May 21
I’ve had the pleasure of working together with Cursum and their dedicated team for the several years. During this time, we’ve created a learning universe called IntraActive Learning for evergreen Microsoft-courses which have complemented and strengthened our core business. I’d describe the Cursum team as experts within their field, professional, and straightforward. I look forward to further developing our business with them.
Troels PedersenTroels Pedersen
07:37 21 May 21
In our collaboration, Cursum has developed a learning platform for use in my company.Very flexible and service-minded partner. When it comes to professional input and choosing the right solutions, my experience is also top notch.Herewith my warmest recommendations of Cursum.
Søren HaldSøren Hald
07:05 29 Apr 21
In our company, we have long been looking for a supplier who could help us achieve our E-learning ambitions. Cursum A / S has met all our expectations with great professional insight and a great degree of patience. All deadlines have been met and everything was delivered as agreed and on time. Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to more of it.Søren HaldAdm. Dir.REDMINKROP ApS
Karl Fredrik AgnaltKarl Fredrik Agnalt
15:25 12 Mar 21
Cursum is an incredibly skilled and service-minded supplier with a very modern, solid and user-friendly system. Can highly recommend them.
Rune Thomas ØdegårdRune Thomas Ødegård
13:47 04 Mar 21