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RedMitBarn Makes First Aid Training Available 24/7 With an Online Academy 

RedMitBarn is a Danish nationwide first aid for children teaching concept created by doctors in close collaboration with parents, educators, and leaders from seven childcare facilities in Copenhagen. The concept has been developed specifically for everyone who works with, teaches, or interacts with children in everyday life – both professionals and private individuals. 

Together with Cursum, RedMitBarn has designed an online academy that makes first aid training available every day of the week and at all times of the day. 


Very few players in the first aid industry offer online training. And first aid training does work quite well without an online academy. Still, RedMitBarn saw the value of offering a two-part learning concept to their customers. 

There is no legislation regarding first aid, and it is thus up to each municipality and childcare facilities in Denmark to clarify any requirements and allocate money in their budgets to support these. 

Many first aid courses offered take four to six hours to complete. This means that childcare facilities often are forced to hold classes on weekends, as institutional staff cannot save these hours during their work day. In addition to a relatively expensive course, they must therefore also count in weekend allowances for the instructors. 

Likewise, research shows that within an hour, we forget on average 50 % of what we have learned. Within 24 hours we typically forget 70 % of new information, and within a week we have usually forgotten as much as 90 %. 

When RedMitBarn discovered this, it became clear that could they move parts of their first aid training online, they could offer a resource and time-saving solution as well as give staff of childcare facilities the opportunity to continuously maintain and update their competencies. 


With the desire to create a continuous solution for first aid training, RedMitBarn and Cursum joined forces and created a strong, flexible, and user-friendly online academy. 

Today, RedMitBarn offers a solution consisting of practical instructor led training by doctors, pediatric nurses, and paramedics in combination with an online academy that includes e-learning-based, theoretical teaching. 

The online academy provides access to advice, guidance, videos, as well as quizzes, and it automatically advises users when it’s time to refresh their skills. The users’ competencies must be maintained at least once a year, and the system has a certification system that links together levels. For managers in childcare facilities, schools, sports clubs, and the like, there is also a management and documentation tool. 

Each user receives a login that they can use indefinitely during their contract period. Ólöf Ólafsdotïr, nurse anesthetist and general manager at RedMitBarn, explains: 

It’s expensive for childcare facilities to get a team of instructors to teach them first aid. In the past, if a childcare facility bought a teaching session and hired new staff after the session, there was nothing to do. They simply had to wait for the next session, which could be one or one and a half years later.

Ólöf continues: 

Our online academy is especially useful when hiring new employees, or if an employee misses our practical training session. Until these employees can join one of our physical training sessions, they can use the platform to acquire the necessary knowledge. That way, there is always flow in the employees’ competence building and maintenance. That is good cost-benefit.


Taking their knowledge online has ensured full functionality for both RedMitBarn but also for educators, managers, and supervisors. Personally, RedMitBarn sees their online academy as a combined calendar, coordination and overview tool. 

By utilizing specific learning and statistics modules, RedMitBarn has built a combined teaching and management tool. The academy automatically collects data on users, which means that they, the municipalities, and the childcare facilities always have an overview of implementation and implementation speed. 

For RedMitBarn, the focus has always been on creating a solution that fits into the childcare facilities’ busy everyday lives. Therefore, their online academy can easily be adapted to the needs, requirements, and wishes of the individual municipalities and childcare facilities.Ólöf elaborates: 

Based on user data, we improve our business. Results are automatically updated in our system, which ensures that managers always have an overview of their employees’ competencies. And at the same time, the system automatically reminds you when it’s time to refresh your knowledge. This facilitates both overview and documentation processes.

Ólöf continues: 

Our online academy is clearly helping attract new customers and retain existing ones. The academy strengthens our brand and concept, while at the same time supporting our continuous learning offerings.

And that is precisely why RedMitBarn, in collaboration with Cursum, has developed an app that ensures easy access to learning material no matter time and place: 

Whether you are on holiday in Spain or sitting at home, instead of playing a game of Candy Crush, you can launch the RedMitBarn app. I think that having access to knowledge all the time initiates commitment – something that would probably disappear if you only attend physical courses every second or third year.

RedMitBarn has, thus, utilized knowledge about their users to create a flexible and continuous learning solution that ensures a safe environment for children. 


RedMitBarn was founded in 2014 and today they deliver innovative first aid training to more than 15 municipalities in Denmark. The vision for RedMitBarn is built upon Blended Repetitive Learning and the idea that you can acquire new knowledge and maintain your competencies with the click of a finger – regardless of whether you’re using a PC, phone or tablet.

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