More features to streamline your pre- and onboarding

Work flow and task lists

Timeline and notifications

Company and team overview

News feed and chat

HR software integration

Easy implementation

Multi-device compatible

White labeling

Built-in content creator

Start your new hire’s journey before day one

Turn downtime into go time and build on the excitement your new employee felt when they first signed on to join your organization.

Strong preboarding leads to strong onboarding which again leads to happy employees.

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Automate and simplify your pre- and onboarding processes

Our digital platform for pre- and onboarding is build to strengthen your new hires’ connection to your organization, greatly reduce turnover, and attrition rates.
Create an onboarding program that’s sure to help your new hires adapt to your specific company culture and reach role proficiency faster.
With a one-time setup you can auto-run your onboarding programs and reuse them all you want.
Easily create new or import existing onboarding content using our easy-to-use content builder. Individual development plans and automatic data collection will help you keep track of your new hire’s progression.
It’s everything you need to get a running start.
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A better solution to welcoming new staff

First impressions are important and can’t be redone. Our digital platform let’s you build inclusive employee onboarding experiences to make your new hires feel welcome from day one.
  • Reduce onboarding time

    Get new hires ready to perform by prepping them before their first day.
  • Onboard on the go

    Enable new teammates to onboard wherever they are, on any device, at any time.
  • Maximize efficiency

    Auto-run seamless pre- and onboarding programs with a one-time setup to save time.
  • Stay on track

    Keep track of your new hire’s learning with an individual development plan.
  • Increase retention

    Make hires stay and thrive by making them feel included and relevant from day one.
  • Get social

    Involve other staff in your onboarding flows to help new teammates adapt faster.

Add off-the-shelf e-learning, import your existing learning materials, or create new online courses using our responsive course builder. With our digital platform you can ditch all third-party content creation tools.

Our platform supports text, audio, video, quiz, and many other content types. And our drag-and-drop feature lets you easily customize and organize your course content.

Start by adding you logo and brand colors.

Then choose from a number of course templates, catalog designs, and pick either a light or dark theme to showcase your digital learning.

We make custom branding painless so your academy can reflect your brand’s look and feel. No coding required on your end.

Give signed-up course participants unlimited access to your digital learning no matter where they are, what time it is, or what device they’re using.

Use our academy as a stand-alone digital product or make use of one of our two different Microsoft Teams integrations for distributing your learning materials.

Our platform is also perfect to use for blended learning situations.

Our digital platform automatically collects data on all your signed-up course participants.

All data points are stored in the intuitive dashboard for you to access and view or download at any time.

Monitor and track user progress and development, log sign-ons, number of attempts, and see what your most popular online course is.

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Build a company culture that unites

Creating a culture where everyone feels a sense of belonging can be a challenge – especially if you operate globally, hybrid, and remote.

With our digital platform for pre- and onboarding you can build a company culture that unites and delights.

Give your teams a place to engage, collaborate, and stay connected from day one and forward.

Pre- and onboarding becomes much easier with Cursum

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“Being able to offer our expertise in a digital format means a lot to us. We can now reach far more course participants than before and train more skilled sailors.”

Morten Jensen

IT employee
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“I think that having access to knowledge all the time initiates commitment – something that would probably disappear if you only attend physical courses every second or third year.”

Ólöf Ólafsdotïr

Nurse Anesthetist and General Manager
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“Cursum’s platform is the basis for much of our business. The strong functionalities and forward-leaning approach have proven very successful and have facilitated strong collaborations with large, international companies.”

Karl Fredrik Agnalt

Managing Director
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“Together with Cursum, we’ve built an easy to use and simple platform that includes courses which we can easily deliver and maintain to our customers and partners.”

Lasse Skjelmose

Product Manager
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