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Storyboard Easily Handles Competence Management and Learning Development

The Norwegian digital training company, Storyboard, has a fundamental belief that a person’s belief in their ability to master something is more decisive for their performance than the objectively measurable ability. In collaboration with Cursum, Storyboard has therefore built an inspiring and engaging learning management system (LMS) for their customers to help their employees confidently build and maintain their competencies.

Today, Storyboard has introduced their personalizable learning resources to more than 150,000 users ranging from large public institutions to private, well-known enterprises all over Norway.


Storyboard offers their customers a standalone LMS, but they also provide custom content developed by their inhouse learning professionals, project managers, technicians, and designers specifically for their customers’ needs. Furthermore, for corporate training Storyboard also provides game based learning services built using serious gaming and 3D simulations.

The company’s customers among others include the Norwegian Police, Telenor, Telia, Mowi, Caverion, Norwegian Public Roads Administration, and the Norwegian Customs. With such a broad and diverse clientele, Storyboard needed an accommodating and versatile digital strategy. Hence, with a goal to provide their different customers with a satisfactory learning experience, they sought out a compelling new platform that would support advanced learning and help increase motivation, job satisfaction, and results.


Karl Fredrik Agnalt, Managing Director at Storyboard, knew it was essential for the company to find a platform that not only would fit them technically but also could be personalized as to accommodate their various customers’ differing needs. Agnalt elaborates:

It was important for us to offer a modern and flexible LMS to our customers, both as a standalone LMS and as a product bundle containing the e-learning content we develop for our customers.

Having already tested a couple different LMS solutions, which didn’t align with Storyboard’s mission nor provided suitable scalability, the company turned to their partners for recommendations. Through a Danish partner, the norwegian company discovered Cursum’s modern and flexible LMS.

Making it as convenient and painless as possible for their customers to develop content, distribute it, report on it, send notifications, and track results was a top priority for Storyboard. Cursum’s LMS gives users the opportunity to handle competence management and learning development in an easy manner, which appealed to Storyboard. Underlining this, Agnalt explains:

With a strong focus on lifelong learning and consistent skills updating, it is truly beneficial for us and our clients that we’re able to develop content directly in the LMS – rather than switching between solutions, this lets us keep focus on what’s important.

At the same time, Agnalt praises the close connection they have with Cursum’s development team:

Compared to some of the bigger platforms out there, we appreciate the advantage of working together with a smaller and more agile team. Big companies don’t always know their customers’ needs, but Cursum does, and the development team is always close by. If there is a specific customer need, we are able to meet that need – we like the yes-we-can approach.


Cursum’s LMS solution has become the basis of Storyboard’s business and has allowed them to move from being a dedicated consultant-driven business to a digital training company with a recurring revenue stream. And ultimately, Storyboard’s learning solution has become quite the crowd-puller. As of today, the sales of Cursum’s platform and related consulting services account for approximately 50 % of Storyboard’s total revenue.

That this has been such a successful undertaking certainly pertains to Storyboard’s innovative approach to avoid standardization and instead celebrate individualization – in which case Cursum has proven to be the ideal partner allowing them to scale with their customers.

With Cursum’s LMS you can create a scalable and customizable learning platform that fits customer needs. It is a white label platform that allows you to build a learning universe customized to any thinkable need and desire.

As an example, Storyboard has been able to solve some cumbersome compliance needs for their customer and Norwegian seafood company, Mowi. Relying on Cursum’s platform, Storyboard has successfully transformed and restructured Mowi’s compliance process.

For any worker to access Mowi’s working sites, they must undergo strict compliance training. Previously, Mowi would conduct these training sessions in-person. However, thanks to the learning resource provided by Storyboard their compliance training can now be done online ahead of the visit. Moreover, Mowi has gained a tool to easily monitor skills and keep track of both internal and external employees’ qualifications and match them with applicable tasks. Essentially, this has saved Mowi both money, resources, and time.

Agnalt reflects:

Thanks to our close connection with Cursum and their development team, we’re able to provide thorough personal support to each and every customer’s need.

Agnalt continues:

We think of our partners in Cursum as colleagues, who we work closely with on a day-to-day basis to develop cutting edge solutions for our customers. This close connection offers great value for both us and our customers.


Since its foundation in 2005, Storyboard has helped many organizations and large public institutions create an engaging and effective learning environment for employees. This is done through providing the right platform but also assisting in the implementation and creation of online learning curriculums. Storyboard houses in downtown Oslo and currently employs 11 staff members.

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