Why Should You Start a Learning Academy?

By the power of the Internet and other digital technologies eLearning has become the future of learning and is now used by companies and public sector including higher learning institutions across the world.

From IT to commercial project

However, where creating an eLearning platform or learning academy has previously been a massive IT project undertaken only by large enterprises, it’s now possible for businesses of any size to build and scale their own academy to inspire and educate customers and employees at a fraction of the price of what it used to be.

The power of SAAS

This is possible through the power and flexibility of a learning platform like what we offer here at Cursum which is a Software as a Service (SaaS) with all the necessary features and data requirements already taken care of – did anyone say GDPR? This leaves you to focus on your business, while we take care of the software.

What Are the Benefits of an Online Learning Academy?

Imagine being able to package and sell your existing knowledge through your own online learning academy where you own the customers and all data but without the hassle of coding and maintaining a new system – sounds good, right?

How To Create an Impactful Learning Academy

The world is 24/7, learning should be the same way.

Compared to traditional classroom training you now have the option to create online only learning or so called ‘blended learning’ where you use the strengths from both classroom training and online education.

How to create your own online learning academy can naturally vary greatly from business to business, e.g. determined by what types of content fits your company’s skillsets and how your target audience prefers to consume their training materials.

However, good practice is to first build a learning strategy and create a persona for your desired target learning. From there on you can start to build out your first course as a slide show and include video, audio and other types of content should you find it appropriate.

You can both choose to use your existing training materials or build courses from scratch but doing so on a white label platform will ensure your brand identity across platforms and devices and enable your employees and/or customers to access training anytime, anywhere.

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