Why Is Compliance Important?

Compliance training has become increasingly important in recent years where organizational complexity and transparency are driving the need to look at compliance as a “must have” and not simply as a “nice to have”.

However, many companies are still struggling with successfully implementing compliance training which can be extremely costly in fines, penalties, equipment repairs, and even the loss of good employees who decide to leave your company or move on due to lack of training.

Oftentimes, this is due to a lack of focus from top management and no learning platform that can manage compliance training at scale, without the hassle.

Luckily, there are ways to not only make it easier for companies to stay compliant but also make it easy and fun to engage employees in an effective way.

What Are the Benefits of Online Compliance Training?

The ultimate purpose of proper compliance training is to keep both employees and customers safe and the benefits of this speaks for itself because without either.. well, you won’t really have a company would you.

If you currently don’t have a structured compliance training program or using classroom training, then by moving compliance training to an online learning platform you can experience four major benefits:

  • Reduced costs
  • Gain valuable insights (report, monitor and track employee progress)
  • Engage the employees with customized and compelling content
  • Reuse and build upon existing learning materials and scale indefinitely across your organization

Managing Compliance Training Successfully Benefits The Organization By:

Increasing employee productivity and efficiency

Creating a safer workplace (reduce employee absence)

Minimizing the risk of legal action and fines

Protecting business reputation

Securing organizational insurance

How Do You Succeed with Compliance Training?

Compliance training is serious business and should be prioritized as a standalone ongoing project with support from top management. It’s easy to get lost in the mix of standard onboarding and safety training so defining a clear structure and choosing the right learning platform are vital decisions to make before you create and launch your compliance program.

Keys to creating a successful compliance training program:

  • Structure the compliance training
  • Automate the journey
  • Assign relevant training
  • Create engaging content
  • Measure and evaluate progress

Read more in our compliance blogpost here about how to successfully launch your online compliance training program.

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