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Cursum Guests Arrow Podcast Series

By Cursum

Last month Cursum visited Arrow ECS Denmarks podcast Innovators Club to, among other things, talk about learning in the flow of work.

The podcast carefully treats any new development, challenge, and trend within the IT industry.  

For this episode, our Commercial Director, Lars Thorn, joined Arrow ECS Denmark’s Business Development Manager, Martin Fischer Nielsen in the studio. 

Microsoft’s Modern Workplace solutions

We were asked to talk about how our online academy helps companies realize the full potential of Microsoft’s modern workplace solutions such as Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Planner, all of which are part of the Microsoft 365 suite. 

With the popularization of the modern workplace and remote working, learning how to use the opportunities offered in the Microsoft 365 suite is more relevant than ever. And for businesses it’s important to make the digitalization work for them and not against them.  

Low adoption rate of Microsoft 365 tools

Our experience is that many organizations have a very low adoption rate of Microsoft 365 tools internally. In some organizations the adoption rate is below 30 %. When organizations are paying for a Microsoft 365 license but not utilizing it to its full potential, they’re snoozing on valuable productivity opportunities.

To secure optimal use of any modern workplace solution many organizations require digital upskilling.  

With our online academy consisting of 20+ evergreen Microsoft 365 courses, our partners can create an extra recurring revenue stream for themselves while helping their customers bring on increased efficiency. 

Learning in the flow of work

Our online academy is accessible directly in Microsoft Teams which brings learning right into the flow of work for every end-user.  

The online academy, which is built on top of our powerful LMS, not only supports you with rich data, but it also lets you go from a consultant-driven to a product-based business. This gives you more time for value-adding tasks and helps you maintain a low churn rate and high customer retention.  

Find the podcast – that is only in Danish – right here.  

And don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.