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Cursum Partners with Arrow 

By Cursum

We’re happy to report that we recently partnered with Arrow, who provide guidance, find solutions and connect people with technology to guide innovation forward.  

Arrow plays a central role in progress that improves the quality of life and makes the benefits of technology more accessible.

As a global distributor and reseller of Microsoft services they help drive digital transformation across the board in many types of companies and industries. 

Together we’ll escalate our common focus on tech-enablement and increase businesses’ digital potentials.  

An online academy of Microsoft 365 courses

With an online academy that gives users access to 20+ evergreen Microsoft 365 courses, we’ll enable digital business transformation, digital upskilling, and facilitate new and improved ways of working.  

The plug and play academy is easily accessed with single sign-on or directly within Microsoft Teams. Uploaded learning content comes in a variety of languages and is available 24/7, when and wherever it suits the user.

That is learning at your fingertips – simple and easy.  

Making digital transformation a breeze together

Our joint experience is that the more successful organizations are in using their digital tools, the more meaningful their output becomes.  

At Arrow we see this collaboration with Cursum as a strategic partnership to embrace and creating more value and ensure adoption to our existing resellers. 

Martin Fischer Nielsen, Business Development Manager at Arrow

In today’s digital economy, tech-enabled businesses are increasingly outperforming businesses that haven’t managed to exploit technology to increase their efficiency and effectiveness.  

By prompting the adoption of subscription services offered by Microsoft and educating employees on how to make the most of all the tools in the Microsoft 365 suite, we can aid the genesis of concrete, measurable results.  

Digital upskilling for the future

We recently signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge, which focuses on five socially critical goals in Denmark, Iceland, and beyond.

One of these goals deals with digital skills and how we prepare for the opportunities of the future.

Together with Arrow and our inclusive learning solution, we ensure digital upskilling for the future by making learning easily accessible for companies and their employees.

This collaboration thus supports our goal and commitment to meet society’s growing demand for digital competencies.

All in all, a collaboration we are both proud of and looking forward to.