Why Does Community Matter?

Communities play a vital role in our daily lives and it’s important for anyone to be part of a positive community. With the rise of the Internet, we’re able to create and join communities with people from all corners of the world.

If your company’s “why” exceeds your product or service, and embodies your brand and customers’, fans’, and followers’ shared identity, then you can build a group of people characterized as super fans who will support (and buy anything from) your company.

What Are the Benefits of Creating an Online Community?

This is relevant for any business big or small as a strong sense of community around a brand can benefit the business in a variety of ways. By building a brand through a strong community you’ll be able to elevate the meaning and sense of attachment people feel towards your business which is where brand loyalty comes into the picture.

The online community is easier to scale and can be converted to physical meetups, focus groups, and ultimately develop so called superfans who will buy any new product or service you introduce.

How To Create A Meaningful Community

Imagine yourself as the greatest host ever for your target customers within your niche – how would that host work for their community as a great facilitator? Ask yourself what does your target customer/user value and how can you help them achieve this?

When you figure that out then you have the winning formula to building a strong and engaging community.

The next question is a matter of choosing where and how you want to gather people (your community) and how you as a business can facilitate this process for the benefit of your community and long-term value of your brand.

We offer a platform where you can facilitate a great community by using our features Rooms and Walls which can be used as community building tools where you can share information and product news with your community and create a platform for knowledge sharing.

The power of a strong community can make or break a company – are you ready to invest in people through technology? Get in touch here

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