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This is how Børsen Academy took advantage of their market position and scaled their business

In the city center of Copenhagen, you’ll find Børsen Academy – a subdivision of Denmark’s leading business newspaper, Dagbladet Børsen.  

Børsen Academy provides e-learning solutions to businesses and helps set the standard for competence development and knowledge sharing in organizations all over Denmark.

With online courses covering everything from GDPR to management and Microsoft 365, they help ensure that important knowledge and learning easily and quickly reach all parts of an organization.


Originally, Børsen Academy sold knowledge and competence development through physical ring binders and CDs. But at one point, these products just started collecting dust in organizations’ HR offices.

With the desire to remain relevant, the company decided to digitize their business. 

The goal was to make it easy for organizations to create and share knowledge and online courses with their employees. It should be easy for learning and development managers to ensure learning and training would reach the right employees in the organization. And at the same time, managers should be able to follow employees’ progress at any time. 

And so, the need for a digital learning platform arose, and the collaboration with Cursum began. 


With regards to Børsen Academy’s many diverse customers, a versatile online academy was developed on top of Cursum’s powerful LMS platform. This academy came to be known as Børsen Learning Center. 

Børsen Learning Center has made it possible for Børsen Academy to offer a powerful e-learning platform, which organizations can use to easily build their own company portal comprised of e-learning courses that cover their specific needs. 

Customers can choose between making and importing their own learning material, creating new learning courses from scratch, or using one or more of Børsen Academy’s pre-made online courses. 

And it’s this exact mix of prefabricated course materials and the opportunity for organizations to create their own that was important for Børsen Academy when creating their online academy. Anders Bo Hansen, Business Director at Børsen Academy, explains: 

When we transformed our existing products to digital format, it was important for us to have a system that we could not only influence but also develop together with our customers according to their needs.

Anders continues:  

What has been important to us is the availableness. Both to us but definitely also to our customers. A system only works as well as the end user experiences it, and that has been our focus. We’re certainly on our customers’ side – both in the production of our standard courses but also in relation to the solutions we create together with our customers. 


The intuitive and flexible course builder in Børsen Learning Center makes it easy for Børsen Academy to create new courses, change existing courses, and add course upgrades. This allows them to adapt their platform to customers’ various needs, add new knowledge, and update existing courses. 

Thus, it’s no problem to comply when customers suddenly start demanding courses on IT security, certification and verification, or bite-sized learning modules. And when Microsoft 365 courses, which are a standard off-the-shelf product at Børsen Academy, are regularly updated and expanded, it’s not a problem either. 

The academy also allows users to share content across departments, which is a feature Anders believes is extremely useful for their customers: 

Being able to share courses across departments is something customers really like. It gives a sense of certainty, and you’re confirmed that what you’re doing is right. 

Anders elaborates: 

For example, if one municipality has made a good course in an SDH system, it’s often that another municipality can use that same course. That way you don’t have to come up with something new every time. And at the same time, you’re contributing to overcome scarcity issues in the individual municipalities.

Having an e-learning platform that allows you to work specifically with the users’ wishes and needs is without a doubt one of the things that has made Børsen Academy so popular. Anders explains:

Due to our affiliation with the relatively large, Danish business newspaper that Børsen is, our original and most obvious target group was, of course, the Danish business community. But because we’ve had a good product that we’ve been able to adapt to our customers’ needs, we’ve had the opportunity to expand into other markets. For example, this is how we’ve helped digitize several municipalities.

This way, Børsen Academy has utilized its existing market position and scaled by adapting to the customers’ specific needs with an always available and updated online academy. 


Børsen Academy provides e-learning solutions and online courses to private companies, NGOs, and public institutions. In total, they help bring learning and competence development to 100+ organizations and more than 118,000 employees every day. 

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